Fujian Sanan Sino-Science Photobiotech Co., Ltd, a venture cofounded by Fujian San’an Group and the institute of botany, CAS in December 2015, is a new photobiology industry. It is an integration of scientific research, production, demonstration and incubation. The total investment will be 1 billion dollars, including the headquarter base, Institute of photo-biotechnology and industrialization base of Sanan Sino-Science.
        The size of the headquarter base and the institute of photo-biotechnology of Sanan Sino-Science covers an area of 140,000 square meters, construction area of 300,000 square meters. Based on both the advantages in plant sciences of the institute of botany, CAS and the LED technical advantages of Fujian San’an Group, Sanan Sino-Science carries out the research, integration and demonstration in the areas of plant lighting, bioengineering, development and utilization of natural compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates and intelligent equipment.
       Self-developed cultivation modular unit insures customers to quickly set up various types of plant factory. Together with the application of self-developed high cost-effective, high-effective LED lighting system and high efficient nutrient solutions,Sanan Sino-Science has produced high quality and high yield vegetables and herbs in vertical farming system.
        The industrialization base of Sanan Sino-Science covers an area of 200,000 square meters, construction area of about 700,000 square meters. It has been putting into operation gradually since May 2016, thefirst-phase plant covers an area of 20’000 square meters, was built up by standard of class 100,000 clean room. Temperature, humidity, CO2 and nutrient solution are monitored and controlled by computers. High quality and safe vegetables are produced by using LED spectra and automation equipment. The second-phase plant factory is also ready, and a new plant factory for growing medical plant, such as Anoectochilusroxburghii and Dendrobium nobileetc, is under construction.Sanan Sino-Science has not only established a research base in China, but also set up a laboratory in Untied State, as well as an industrialization base. 
San’an Group and IB-CAS signed the cooperation agreement on plant factory in Beijing

Zhang Yaping, Vice President of CAS visited Sanan Sino-Science

Zhan Wenlong, Vice President of CAS visited Sanan Sino-Science

Directors of IB-CAS visited manufacture base of Sanan Sino-Science