Photobiology Open Laboratory
       The photobiology open laboratory is a public cooperation platform, which is set up by Sanan Sino-Science for researchers in China and abroad. This open laboratory has nearly 60 researchers, including 20% Ph.Ds and 40% masters.The research focus on modern plant lightingtechnology, modern plant culture technology, biomedicine engineering, equipmentdevelopment. The laboratory has a academician workstation and a postdoctoral research center.
         The laboratory (2000 m2) is located in Siming district, Xiamen city. It is composed ofplant culture lab, light recipe lab,  instrumental analysis lab, equipment development lab, 3D printing lab, artificial micro-climate simulation lab, pilot lab (able to simulate industrialization). The  value of instruments and equipment is about 30 million RMB. In addition, the laboratory has established long-term cooperative relations with 9discipline leaders of photobiology and 15 distinguished experts from national research institutes and universities, which ensures our research at a world leading level.
Since 2017, the photobiology open laboratory of Sanan Sino-Science accepts cooperation application from global institutes, universities and researchers. Applicants are required to provide complete application proposal, including significance, feasibility, research foundation and project budget. An academic committee from the photobiology open laboratory will process the anonymous appraisal for applicants.Well-qualified applicants will be supported in instrument use,  technology, training and foundation. Contact us: