Production Technique R & D Center 
      The production technique R & D center has 38 researchers, including 6 Ph.Ds and 12 masters. The research focus on photobiology, plant nutrition, plant cultivation technique and environment control engineering. We havedevelopeda series of techniques for plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL) independently.
       The photobiology studies the biotransformation of solar energy,revealing the molecular mechanisms in regulation and control of light use efficiency, providing fundamental and prospective technique as well as theoretical support for agriculture and energy application. The independent-developed nutrient solution provides nutrition for plants, and satisfies the need of plants in different growth periods. The productive efficiencyis improved by regulating the production materials and increasing the plant varieties. The development of environment control technology offers holistic solution forwater treatment, temperature and humidity control, and microbial control. So far, the specificspectra developed by Sanan Sino-Science have been widely applied in the plant factory with 10,000 m2.The series of nutrient-solution have been successfully cultured lettuce,Cruciferae, ice plant and low-potassium vegetables.More than 30 vegetable varieties are in mass-production, and 2 rare medicinal plants  can be cultured in door under artificial light.
Photobiological development

Plant nutrition research and development

Research and development of cultivated technology

Environmental control