Innovative Drug and Healthcare R & D Center 
        Innovative drug and healthcare R & D center aims to build an international open plat-form for science and technology. Based on the modernization of the valuable Chinese herbal medicine, the R & D Center promotes the drug innovation, and the international standard system construction of traditional Chinese medicine. We devoted to develop international healthcare market byimporting, innovating and improving the technology of natural drugs, and developing lead compounds. There are 12 researchers in the R & D Center, including 3 Ph.Ds and 4 masters. The research focus on the research of innovative drugs, healthcare products, chemicals and biologics.
       Through selecting the natural active metabolites in valuable Chinese herbal medicines in our plant factory, we develop innovative drugs for the nervous system, cardiovascular system, malignant tumors and other serious diseases. We also conduct clinical pharmacological and toxicological studies of natural lead compounds before clinical trials. The clinical trials with global medical institutions is conducted to accelerate the development of new drugs with significant innovation. The healthy function of the Anoectochilus roxburghii, Dendrobium Huoshanness and other valuable Chinese medicine plants is studied, and the new applications of the medicines is explored. We carry out R & D on new formulations of health care products and promote industrial innovation. Furthermore, the R & D Center have research cooperation with China and oversea universities, research institutions and hospitals to carry out the technical reserves for traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the clinical research on the compound with pharmacological activity. The clinical data is also combined to build natural metabolites database, which provides information resources to the construction of the international standard system for the traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, we exploit various kinds of biological medical products according our pharmaceutical research achievements. The medicines for prevention (health care), diagnosis and treatment is being studied by modern biotechnology.

Innovative drug development platform