Tobacco special lamp

Specially developed tobacco LED lighting
Custom-made light formula to ensure that the well growth of tobacco seeding and cultivation
Two modes of suspension, adjustable angle
Low thermal radiation is good for maintaining the optimal growth environment for tobacco

Optional recipe for tobacco
The tobacco growth lamp is base on the optimize of the tobacco growth light formula and LED source efficiency, applied in science research of tobacco plant growth lamp, widely used in tobacco seedling and planting and cultivation, to ensure stable and controllable and high quality tobacco production. The lighting efficiency of tobacco special lamp is high and the heat is low.In scientific research and agricultural production, it is the best alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps and high pressure sodium lamps.

Specifications ZK-SL30-NT01/A
Light souce LED
Initial Photo Flux 48 μmol/s
Power consumption 24 W
Power input 100-277 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power factor > 0.95
Weight  0.8 kg /  1.66 lbs
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1220×35.3×41.2mm
Lifetime 25,000 hrs
Ingress protection rating IP65
Approval marks UL
Accessories Comprehensive range of accessories available for easy and quick installation
Warranty 3 years