• Integral new model of modular cultivation equipment, appearance concise and elegant.
• Energy-efficient building design,High-efficient production
• Adopt intelligent environmental control system and nutrient solution automatic control system, save manpower, intelligent production.
• Customized light source for plant lighting, high energy efficiency.
• Light-weight, strong decoration, convenient for hoisting and transportation.
• Easy to remove and assemble, good mobility, Good performance and stability, repeatable.
• Strong fastness, made of steel materials, good seismic resistance and deformation resistance.
• Not affected by ambient temperature, humidity, altitude and climate.
• Long service life, can be used for more than 10 years.
• Adopt thermal insulation material for thermal insulation treatment.
 Vertical farming solution
• The container plant factory for display
• The containerplant factory for producing vegetable
• The container plant factory for producing fruit
Production specifications

The container plant factory (20HQ)
Overall dimension: 6058mm(L)*2438mm(W)*2896mm(H)

The container plant factory (40HQ)
Overall dimension: 12192mm(L)*2438mm(W)*2896mm(H)